Piaggio Patents Design Moto Guzzi V85 Production Model

Expect to see the Moto Guzzi V85 production model at EICMA
written by Dennis Chung

Last November, Moto Guzzi presented its V85 concept, an adventure-touring model powered by a new air-cooled 850cc V-Twin. Based on the comments in our EICMA show coverage, the V85 concept was very well received by MO readers. If you’re one of those who liked the concept, you’ll be happy to learn that Piaggio has filed a design patent for what looks to be the final production model, and it does not stray too far from the original concept.

Lodged May 1 in Australia, the design patent looks a lot like the concept but has some changes including a different exhaust and front brake master cylinder that look more realistic for a mass-produced vehicle.

While keeping the concept’s general aesthetic, there are some drastic changes. The fuel tank has a different shape and looks smaller than the one on the concept. The rear of the tank has a noticeably gentler slope up to the filler cap. The seat was changed accordingly to match the new slope angle, and looks quite a bit thinner than the saddle used on the concept. The side panel below the seat also has a different design, losing the concept’s slits for a more sculpted, geometric design.The rear shock remains offset to the right side, connecting the swingarm to the frame, but there is now a cover over top mounting point. The rear brake caliper was also repositioned, now located under the swingarm instead of above.

As we noted earlier, the exhaust design looks more production ready, but still keeping the rising angle on the left side of the tail. The concept had a cylindrical see-through master cylinder while the patent illustrations shows a more typical black rectangular design.

The blocky tires, bash plate, hand guards, front fender, tall windscreen and headlights all look similar to the concept. The design patent does add a center stand.

Piaggio hasn’t filed any new trademarks that suggest a potential name for this new adventure-tourer, so it’s possible it will retain the Stelvio name and be called the Moto Guzzi V85 Stelvio. Expect to see the final production version at this fall’s big motorcycle shows, more likely at EICMA in November than the Intermot show in October.

Article from Motorcycle.com